Warehousing & Deposit Service

Magazzini a noleggio

Outsourcing – the pleasure of having sure costs and punctual timing.

Cogefrin Group offers services of deposit, warehousing, picking and distribution: our covered warehoused, with loading docks and shelves, are at customers’ disposal, even for short periods.

Our warehousing and deposit services are guaranteed by our several years’ experience, by our service of integrated logistics and our main HUB in Bologna, which has 70,000 smq of warehouses, located near the ring-road (2 km for Exit nr. 5) and motorway exit (A13).

We have deposit areas for any requirement and type of good and packaging (except for ADR goods and fresh/perishable food, which need of controlled temperatures).
We have lifting equipment with payload up to 100 quintals, for any warehousing need.

Our warehouses are available for privates and companies and can be rent on a monthly basis, per pallet, up to 10.000 pallets. At a simple and clear cost “all included”. We can collect and bring (if required) pallets from/to customers’ premises.

In order to get some information about warehouses rental/lease at that following, you can contact us here.