Road Freight Transports

Spedizioni via terra e camion

Cogefrin offers road freight transports for the main European, East European and Middle East areas. Our destinations include Russia, Belarus , Ukraine Moldavia,  Georgia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Thanks to our resources and our partners in Europe and abroad, we can offer an high-quality overland service, by customizing it according to your requirements.
Cogefrin handles road freight transports through a solid network of partners located in strategic areas, near the main hubs, which are provided with the proper infrastructures for goods’ handling and distributing.
Road freight transports are part of the International freight forwarding services that Cogefrin offers and includes the groupage service, which represents a flexible solution for customers who don’t need a full truck.
Thanks to our several years’ experience and our solid structure, we are able to offer a professional road freight service at competitive costs.

You can ask for a free quotation for road freight transports by filling in the form or by contacting us here.