Our services

Cogefrin Spa is your partner in shipping all over the world via sea, air, and truck. Import and Export General Cargo for trade Fairs and International Events

From the start to the delivery of your goods, you can count on the experienced and helpful staff to make the operations of the customs are simple and without delays.

The optimal solution for Companies that need to outsource the protection of the goods and their special packaging, reducing the costs of management.

We take care of your shipments from 1968

Thanks to highly qualified staff, the expansion of several facilities and numerous agreements with our Partners, we are recognized internationally for our expertise and reliability in the International Shipping of Import and Export.

All the branches are located in strategic locations, are close to the main roads, to the structures, customs, and airport. A selection of the highly desired to facilitate contacts and links with the world of transport.

Locations and Subsidiaries

Bologna - Sede Central

Via A. Marabini 8
40013 Castel Maggiore (BOLOGNA) - Italy

Tel +39 051 707.153
Fax +39 051700.745
E-mail info@cogefrin.it


Via Sommacampagna, 61
37137 Verona

Tel.+39 045 8623094
Fax +39 045 956924


Mounira Bouagache
Représentante exclusive - Zone Algérie
Cité Hélène Boucher Bt F n°158
Ruisseau 16015 - Alger

Tel: +213 (0) 770 200 681


117630 Moscow (Russia)