To the side of the customer from 1968

Cogefrin Group is a company, multi-divisional founded in 1968. We have more than 50 years of experience in the International Transportation services.
Thanks to highly qualified staff, the expansion in different structures and to the numerous agreements with our Partners, we are recognized internationally for our expertise and reliability in the International Shipping of Import and Export.

Strategic links

All the branches are located in strategic locations, close to the main roads, to the structures, customs, and airport. A selection of the highly desired to facilitate contacts and links with the world of transport.

Full support

We have built a network solid and preparation which allows us to assist you anywhere. Our branch offices are connected with agents and correspondents around the world. We provide a full support and manage all the processes, from the control of the documents, to the customs clearance, and delivery of the goods.

Branches in the world

Branches Cogefrin Group for international Shipments:
Bologna Castel Maggiore-EN | in the photo)
Verona (EN)
London Wickford (UK)
Moscow (RU)
Algeria (AL)

Our Mission


Our mission has always been to meet the needs of the customer


We optimize the procedures of customer service and this allows us to be competitive.


Think globally, act locally.


We contribute to the wellbeing and development of the company by transferring elements of innovation and it is a challenge that we face on a daily basis.


Our every action is characterized by a strong commitment to value people, ideas and passion.


At the center of every single project we aim to establish a relationship of trust with the customer. A mechanism of fidelity mutual, that in the time he has become our key to success.


To achieve the highest quality standards, always invest in superstructures, branches, technologies, and business training. It is a constant commitment which has allowed us to obtain the most pleasing accolades from our customers.


We can, and you can count on our network of Partners and Agents with proven experience, this allows us to assist you in any part of the world.