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We are recognized internationally for our expertise and reliability in the International Shipping of Import and Export.

Customs operations

We have great experience in the management of customs, both for import and for export, and our team of professional agents is in constant update on what's new trade and customs regulations.

The human factor in our business is very important and is equally fundamental and knowing how to relate with the customs institutions to minimize the expected paperwork.

Export / Import

Our department takes care of all the paperwork for customs clearance and Export customs clearance, Import. We are Authorised to act within the framework of procedures domiciled and we can guarantee real-time operations.

We the representatives of the tax for VAT purposes until the issue of the licences from the ministry.

Delivery and return of customs documents

Receive delay a customs document may compromise the relief a customs barrier to fate or simply fail to demonstrate to the Agency of the Revenue that we are shipping to respecting specific rules.

We know that it is not always easy for you to retrieve documents in a reasonably short time after it has contacted repeatedly for the customs broker or the Forwarder.

Control Letters of Credit

The presence of the letter of credit is certainly a guarantee of payment, but you should check in a timely manner that all the conditions are met in order to avoid fines or delays in the negotiation process.

Basing on our experience, the countries historically been difficult to manage at the level of documentary, we take care of the vision of the LC so meticulous also the first to provide the quotation for the transportation.

Entrust your goods to a Qualified Partner

The added value of our service is the expertise and assistance to the customer in all the phases of transport, to ensure timeliness, accuracy, and security of your cargo.

We are at your disposal for further information or for a free quote.

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